Kirkland 2018

A series of general meetings was held in Kirkland, WA from May 18 - 20, 2018.

Audio Recordings
Friday, May 18, 2018
 Listen    Download    Low BitrateLuke 12:1-12 - Bible Reading #1
 Listen    Download    Low BitrateLessons From the Life of Moses - Robert Boulard
 Listen    Download    Low BitrateLuke 12:12-21 - Bible Reading #2
 Listen    Download    Low BitrateThe Man Christ Jesus - Gospel - Jim Hyland
 Listen    Download    Low BitrateThis Is a Faithful Saying - Sing Talk - Steve Sacksteder
Saturday, May 19, 2018
 Listen    Download    Low BitrateLuke 12:22-40 - Bible Reading #3
 Listen    Download    Low BitrateService in the Workplace - Bill Brockmeier
 Listen    Download    Low BitrateLuke 12:42-end - Bible Reading #4
 Listen    Download    Low BitrateLight and Love - Gospel - Bob Thonney
 Listen    Download    Low BitrateAmbassadors for Christ - Sing Talk - Tim Harkins
Lord's Day, May 20, 2018
 Listen    Download    Low BitrateTake Now Thy Son - Sunday School - Jonathan Blake
 Listen    Download    Low BitrateRest and Peace - Bill Prost
 Listen    Download    Low BitrateOpen Meeting - Michel Payette - Bob Thonney - Nick Simon
 Listen    Download    Low BitrateStepping Through the Door - Gospel - Stan Froese
 Listen    Download    Low BitrateFeeding on Christ - Sing Talk - Nick Simon

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